Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm linking up with the Nail Files

This post is a nail art & review combined into one. I recently purchased Essie Snakeskin magnetic polish with high hopes & here is my review:

You start off my painting each nail with one coat of the polish. It applies like normal polish except a little thicker. For the second coat, do not paint all your nails at the same time. Paint a thick coat on the nail you are working on & right away hover the magnet on top of the cap as close to the nail as you can for 5 seconds. If the magnet touches the nail that's okay, the design will just have a little imperfection in it & use remover to take the nail polish off the magnet. After 5 seconds... beautiful snakeskin nails.... right?

Pros: The colors are super pretty. There isn't a huge selection (6 shades), but they are neutral or jewel tone which totally prevents the snakeskin print from looking tacky. The color is also extremely opaque that if you were to wear it as regular polish you would be fine with only 1 coat.

Cons:  This review is going to make me sound like a negative nancy, but I swear I'm not! Firstly, the polish cost $12.00. I consider that to be really expensive for a nail polish. I don't mind paying that much if the polish lives up to expectations, but this one didn't. The main problem is that nail beds are some what curved (at least mine are) and the magnet is perfectly flat. When you hover the magnet on top of the nail it misses the sides-leaving them plain. If you move the magnet around the whole nail, it messes up the design. It's a lose-lose. You also have to hover the magnet like a half a centimeter above the nail in order for the design to work. Between that and trying to keep an extremely steady hand, this polish was more work than it was worth. 

Although I am happy with the final result-it took many many tries

Fail #1

Fail #2

Finished Product

Have you tried this or any of the magnetic polishes before? Did you have the same problems I did?


  1. Oh, BOO!! I have hella curved nail beds so this wouldn't work for me either. And I agree with you that $12 for a sub-par polish is brutal. That's like TWO bottles of China Glaze! Your end result looks good, though!

  2. I love the way it looks I have never tried magnetic polish.

  3. I've used the Sephora magnetic polish and basically agree with all your CONS. However, I wasn't as disappointed that they didn't all turn out the same. I was okay with the variety.

    Yours look great! I like your "tips" too!

  4. Cool! I haven't tried a magnetic yet, I need to.

  5. I've tried the Sally Hansen ones with some luck. I also got some China Glaze ones for Christmas but to my surprise I have to BUY the magnets. I'm going to try it with my SH lid and see if it works.

  6. My one foray into magnetic polish was enough to make me not want to go back:-)

  7. Yeah I avoided this polish because I've tried other magnetic polishes and was TERRIBLE at it. I'd rather just buy a regular Essie polish. If you want the snakeskin effect, I'd rather just do it by hand :)

  8. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog :)

    I had considered buying one of these polishes but thanks to your honesty I've abandoned that idea. I have curbed nail beds too.

    Kali Now Living

  9. it looks really cool but i dont think i'd be willing to pay $12 for it! =/