Sunday, January 27, 2013

style sunday

My outfits have been seriously lacking with this cold weather lately. Warmness and comfort definitely are more important than looking cute. Even though we have had a pretty warm winter besides the last week, I am already getting spring fever & can't wait to break out the dresses (without having to wear tights) & sandals! For this post I jazzed it up a bit & wore something on my feet besides my beloved combat boots woooo!

1: scarf-Kohls 2: shirt-Francesca's 3: jeans-Bloomingdale's 4: boots-Alloy


  1. Love this outfit - especially the infinity scarf and boots. =) You look amazing.

  2. Love your outfit the boots are amazing!

  3. Really loving that shirt! Love how the outfit looks so pulled together, and then you did something a little more relaxed with your hair! ;)

  4. cute outfit! I love that top!


  5. That shirt is super duper cute! You always look adorable though. (:

  6. I love those scarfs!
    My outfit posts have been lacking BIG time becuase of the stupid weather.. Warm up already!!