Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'll be the first to admit, I am super picky when it comes to finding cute winter coats. I often find that if it's cute it's not warm and if it's warm it's not cute. #girlproblems There are SO many different types of jackets out there, so there are definitely coats to flatter everyone. If you find shopping for jackets is boring, be on the lookout for ones in fun colors like plum and red- I find this most commonly in pea coats.

This Rachel Zoe peacoat is TOOO cute! Okay, so it is out of my price range, but it looks so nicely tailored from the picture.

Love this parka. This is something that is definitely my personal style. & That large hood....perfect for cold mornings.

Puffers have come a long away. If you are going to get a puffer make sure it is somewhat tapered at the waist or even has a belt, so you don't look like a giant marshmellow :)

I recently discovered cape jackets, because I bought one for myself (upcoming post), I think they are really stylish but, they are not that warm since there is not technically sleeves.


  1. its all your fault I'm gonna tell the hubs as I just now am gonna purchase the Anthro with hood oh yeah! I have #3 I don't think it's Juicy I think it's NY&C but it looks just like that one! You have great style! I would love a peacoat! I will have to wait til all the poof goes down to get one though lol! You have great style! Do you have the cape coat already, by your mom's comment it seems like ya do lol!