Sunday, November 4, 2012

style sunday

Due to Sandy, I have not changed out of sweatpants this past week. Luckily, I had a work outfit that I took a picture of from about 2 weeks ago.

1: shirt-Forever 21 2: jeans- Lord & Taylor 3: belt-hand me down 4:flats-Macy's

I found these babies at Target. How cute are they?! I told myself I would stop buying "cheaper" shoes because they usually always end up not being comfortable, but these aren't that bad. Win!


  1. I know I took this picture. What is on the floor? LOL

  2. Hurricane Sandy so sad. Your mom said you have been off work all week last week! I live in sweats after I drop K off at school lol then I dress back up again ha! OK so I love your style and can't wait until I can fit back into Forever 21! My favorite thing before I got sick was shoes. I have so many from big designers you would love to raid my shoe closest lol! I love those wedges they are super cute! I wish I could wear them! In the words of Snooki wah! LOL! Well I will live vicariously through your shoes until I get well enough to wear them lol! I have this awesome pair of Jimmy Choo's that I saw for spring coming out on my mind they are hello yellow color and the heel is so big I am for sure to break my neck but I think I am gonna buy them! They are pure Sunshine, scream Sums and can be my remission shoes! Sorry for the long comment lol!

  3. love that shirt with that belt! and I'm not a huge bootie person, but I LOVE those ones! I would totally wear those.