Friday, November 9, 2012

nail files

Friday Link Up with the Nail Files!

I have been trying to do this triangle mani or whatever you wanna call it for a while. But let's be honest,  cutting & then taping 10 individual little tape triangles on your nails is a little time consuming. During my week off of work from the hurricane I had time to give it a try. I first painted my nails with the gold & let it fully dry. I really can't emphasize how dry they have to be because the next step will pull/smudge even the least wet nail. Next I cut out a little triangle from scotch tape & put it on the nail I was working on, then I painted the blue over my whole nail, pulled off the tape & voila!

gold-Essie Metallics Good as Gold
blue-Zoya Evvie


  1. that looks awesome! you did a great job!

  2. Well they turned out fantastic! I wouldn't have the patience to cut out 10 triangles :/

  3. WOW great job!! These look fab! I love that combo!

  4. I looove this look! I'll have to try it!