Friday, June 1, 2012


I did this manicure to show off my most recently purchased color-Lilacism by Essie. When I was in Ulta, I was deciding between a few Essie colors, but this one is very feminine & dainty...perfect for summer. To make is a little less boring, I just added a french tip & flowers to my ring finger.

As for my thoughts on my recently purchased Seche Vite topcoat, I am disappointed. The first two manicures I used it on chipped within two days. I want to see how the manicure I just did holds up. However, I must add, in terms of formula & the way it makes the nail look & feel, it is fantastic.


base- Essie Lilacism
french tip-Nicole Light a Candle
flowers-Revlon Shrinking Violet


  1. How pretty! Did you do those lil flowers by yourself? Holy mother or hard lol! I tried the American Flags you saw hot mess girl hot mess ha! Yours was fabulous! I had a pedi on my does and I did a red and blue stripe with the white I had from the french and well it looked really cute, I know DORK but only on my big toes ha! OK so that is such a pretty color, gonna have to go buy it love the Essie, I love the idea of doing a french tip with something other than white ha! Never in a million years thought of that! Girl I love that we both like Arie on the Bachelorette! I am addicted to that show and it's on tonight eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!! O.K. so I'm sorry I forgot to add your link when I mentioned you on Memorial Day weekend oopsy, I will mention again and this time remember to add the link ha!

    Hope your having a great summer! We are headed to the pool today, the hubs suprised us with a neighborhood membership eeeeek! Where I can't be in the sun to much it's perfect because you can bring your own pop up tents, they have lots of umbrellas and shades and nanny's get in free yay! His mom suprised me with a nanny all summer to help me at the pool although of course I'm not using her today, hahahhah! I am all about doing things with my Kelcee by myself and the hubs ha!

  2. Wow that looks amazing!! I love the flowers!