Sunday, February 24, 2013

the Oscar's

Normally with award shows, I will post my favorite's and my not so favorite's. However, this year I did not see much that I hated- so I decided to only focus on those who looked truly amazing.

Naomi Watts
Girl looks amazing. She managed to pull of sequins without it looking tacky. The cut-out at the shoulder showed just the right amount of skin.

Jennifer Hudson
Wow. She is one of my top two for the night. The dress fits like a second skin, the color is gorgeous, and the material is so glam. What more could you want in an Oscar dress?

Daniel Day Lewis
Ladies don't have to be the only ones getting the attention. The navy blue suit is a great alternative to the classic black. The lines of the suit are beautiful and so clean.

Kristen Chenoweth
Her gown is just the right amount of glam for the an event like the Oscar's. I love how she had all her up in a ballerina bun and let in the intricate beading of her dress shine. Also, I must point out she is the tiniest thing I have ever seen!

Jennifer Lawrence
She was easily my favorite of the night. Everything about this look is perfect. I especially loved the necklace that hung down her back. Ugh I really don't have words.


  1. I am glad you included a man! great picks.

  2. Jennifer Hudson looked great and she sounded awesome!

  3. I loved Kristen Chenoweth and Jennifer Lawrence's dresses!

  4. Loved Naomi Watts! And love a man in a navy suit :)