Friday, February 22, 2013

nail files

It's Friday, so it's The Nail Files!

I have been letting my nails grow out little bit and I am kinda liking it. My nails might not seem long to most, but to me they are super long. Although I like the way they look, shortly after I took the below photo one of them broke :( For my nails below I used the saran wrap technique and nail tape. It was time consuming, but I love how fun they are.

Question...would anyone be interested in me doing a nail tutorial? If so, let me know which look you think I should do!

base-Essie BetterTogether
purple-Zoya Caitlin
pink-OPI Japanese Rose Garden
green-Zoya Bevin

We also have an added bonus this week. My friend is obsessed with cheetah & let me do cheetah accent nails on her. I love how these came out!