Sunday, January 6, 2013

style sunday

Today's post I will be sharing what my friends and I wore on NYE. I finally got to wear the shoes I talked about in this post & I can't wait for a chance to wear them again. My dress can be found here on Nasty Gal. I really loved the dress, my only complaint was that due to the off the shoulder straps, I couldn't really raise my arms up that high because the straps were tight. I love how my friends took advantage of the fact that it was NYE and went all out with the sequins!

                              BEFORE                                                                           AFTER

**Also I finally acquire 40 followers WOOOO! I will be doing a giveaway on Friday, so check back then!


  1. I love the before and after pictures! How adorable. And true. Haha.
    I hope you had a great NYE!

  2. Yay on 40 followers girlfrannnn! I am so stoked for you! Hey would you like to do a guest post on my bloggy? I haven't been feeling well and up to posting much and I think a post from you would give it flare and fun for the day and get your bloggy out there more maybe! Let me know I would love to have you on there!

    I am loving your shoes so much so that when I come to NYC you have to bring them so I can try them on ha! OK so I am laughing out loud at the before and after you still are rocking the dress even with your chucks on! I told your mom you needed to give Fergie some fashion advice because I still can't figure out what in the world she was thinking with that NYE outfit she was wearing! YOu look like a straight up runway model sweets no joke! I love that dress I had to laugh that you couldn't raise your arms to much no fist pumps for you bwhaahahah! Love you girl! Save those shoes for me ha!


    ps Kelcee sees all ya'lls pics on my fridge and she was asking about you yesterday and I said that is Aunt Kimmie's daughter Ashley she said she is a princess mommy like Lindsey lol!

    so so cute!

    love you

  3. Cute dress and I absolutely love those shoes!