Sunday, December 16, 2012

style sunday

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you feel in love with the second it was slipped onto your foot? If you haven't, you should. I feel like every girl should have at least one pair of shoes that make her feel amazing. That's what happened when I found these shoes. I was on the hunt for a New Year's Eve dress and happened to stop in Aldo. Once these rhinestoned masterpieces slipped onto my foot it was all over. I still may not have a dress for New Year's Eve, but this year my feet will be doing all the talking ;)


  1. Fabulous heels! Are they easy to walk in?

  2. Holy I want those shoes and when I get well I want to borrow them lol! OK so your mom told me I would love your shoes and I do! I love the three different blingy colors and they are so festive, hey any dress is gonna look fab with those shoes. Just get a sexy cute simple black dress and let those shoes do the talking lol! Love them! Oh and we are so getting a dog in the Spring, Kelcee already has a name picked out, Princess, I loved your comment I showed Greg and said see Ashley said buy me a dog lol!

    love ya

  3. OMG - where did you get those?!?! I was stopping by from the Nail Files and got distracted by cute shoes :)

  4. My gosh, these shoes are fabulous.
    I wish I could borrow them.