Friday, December 7, 2012

the nail files

Today I'm linking up with the Nail Files!

I hadn't used any of my studs/rhinestones in a while so I decided to do a look that incorporated them. I have never done them over my whole nail, but I really like how they came out... it's definitely a look I might consider for New Years Eve!

base-Ulta Devious


  1. I freaking LOVE THIS MANI!!! Okay, how do you attach those studs? Are they set into wet polish? Do you top coat them afterwards? I need the deets. :)

  2. I love this! Those studs over the entire nail look fabulous. You're right, it would be perfect for NYE

  3. Love this and it would be a great one for New Years Eve!

  4. OMG I've been trying to find studded nail stickers FOREVER, where did you find them??

  5. LOVE LOVE is that the color blue you fell in love with? Girl rock that out for New Year's Eve for real!