Wednesday, December 5, 2012

shop style

I want to write about a site that I use a lot & find very helpful. It is It's really great because on the main page they have "Shop Style Picks", which are popular accessories, handbangs, and shoes on the site. They usually feature pricy merchandise, which is where then my favorite feature comes in.

The search is great because you don't have to be specific & it brings up everything that matches your search term from the internet. For example, say I am looking for red pumps on the internet, but don't have a specific brand in mind- I simply type in "red pumps" and VIOLA! Pages and pages of red pumps from retailers all over the internet. You can also narrow down your search with the filters on the left side.

If you haven't been on ShopStyle try it out & tell me what you think!


  1. ok I will check it out. You need to post your new shoes.

  2. Wow! Another fabulous collection of shoes for women. Nice fashion and style. I love red color.Beautiful shoes looking very amazing and cute. I love read this blog as it brings vast knowledge and experience. Keep up updating the post regularly.....