Friday, December 28, 2012

Nail Files

Today I'm linking up with the Nail Files

The other day I was looking on (great site, check it out) and saw Layla Nail Polishes on sale. I had never heard of Layla polishes, but they looked pretty cool. The one I purchased looked something like this

This is after 4 coats
Unfortunately, I was not as holographic as I had hoped. In the sun you could definitely see it, but any other time it just looked like a really sparkly polish. Another downer was that it chipped REALLY quickly. My manicures usually last about a week, but this was chipping in 2 days. Ah, on to the next one

Of course, I had to do a Christmas Design


  1. You are so so talented girlfriend! That hologram effect looked more so in the bottle picture didn't it lol! I love the color though and it really looks pretty on your nails! Girl I love how you did the icicle manicure design that is to die for! Come down here and do mine lol! That snowman is so cute snowmen are my favorite I collect them! I love the pressie bow too really cool and goodness so flawless, you should so do nails on the side and make ya some extra mula lol!

    loves ya

  2. Eeeee!!! I LOVE how you did a reverse icicle drop! You're so darn creative. :)

  3. Your nails look great! I love that color.