Sunday, November 25, 2012

style sunday

This outfit is a variation of what I wear all fall/winter. Leggings, boots, a big baggy sweater/shirt, and a scarf if it's extra cold. The flannel that I'm wearing is one of my favorite things to throw on when I'm in a rush and I got it from the men's section at GoodWill for $2. Now that I think of it, this whole outfit probably cost $20-not including my boots. Don't be afraid to mix patterns, like I did here. My cheetah scarf doesn't clash with the plaid because it is in a neutral color. Also, pay attention to little details-sometimes they can make an outfit. I love how my light blue socks peek out from the top of my boot :)

1:flannel-Goodwill 2: scarf- flea market 3: leggings-Target 4: tank-Target


  1. Comfy outfits are the best! Great scarf it could work with so many things.

  2. love the outfit! you look great! i'm a sucker for flannel as well - and i always find them at the thrift store too!

    happy monday, doll!

  3. Cute outfit and super comfy! I love the scarf!