Tuesday, October 2, 2012

new purchases!

I recently went to the mall to pick up a few fall things & here's what I got:


 This jean looking shirt, or chambray shirt if you wanna be fancy, is a fall staple. It can really be incorporated into anyones wardrobe and is very versatile.

I had alumni weekend at school & this is how I wore this shirt:

 This shirt was from H&M for $5! I can never pass on a deal. It is a loose tee with gold threads weaved in, giving the fabric a sheen.
 I had seen this shirt a few times in H&M before, but thought it was too crazy. But then I tried it on & I loved it. Sometimes the best clothes are clothes that you would never expect yourself to like. 
 This is a full length maxi skirt. It has a short tight skirt underneath and a sheer overlay. It is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall.


  1. Ash lol that is what your mom calls you so I am picking it up ha, I am in love with that first shirt! Fashion Design is defintely your calling! I am so tickled to read this post! It has been very very hard on me this week and it's Tuesday lol! I need a drink and I can't drink ha! OK so that denim um well ya kinda rocked it girl with the shorts and those boots um AWESOME! I love the shirt you scored for cheap and you are right sometimes the clothes you would think you would never wear look the best on you or become your favorite! I can't wait to loose weight and follow your lead in the fashion world lol! I use to be so into it! I still am but not as much! I love the necklace you made me and get so many comments on it! Kelcee's cheer colors are black and white lol go figure so I like to wear it with a white or black shirt and jeans or shorts and everyone talks about it yay! Love this post girlie!


  2. Love that chambray shirt, I need to pick one up for fall!