Sunday, September 30, 2012

grammar necklace

No one's perfect, I know that...but one thing that drives me NUTSO is when people don't know the difference between your & you're & other words of that nature. I, of course make the mistake sometimes too, but c'mon people I don't need to constantly be seeing tweets from you about THEIR being a great pair of boots that you want, but THEIR out of YOU'RE budget eeeeeeek!

This post was inspired by this necklace that I would love to add to my collection & to remind people to always use proper grammar! I randomly found it on Etsy & I would highly suggest checking out her super quirky, cheap, & cute jewelry!


  1. bwahaahahahahahah well on IVIG weeks do not read my blog lol! Kidding but when I type on my crazy IPhone I use there instead of their sometimes ha! Oh and today I meant to put hear and I put here eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, I corrected it but lol when I saw I did it hahahahahah! I love that necklace I just may need to buy one ha! My friends went to the big WVU game and got shirts that looked like the Baylor BU and they say it Sucks to BU hahahahah and on the back says Morgantown Rocks or something love it..I want that shirt it has so many meaning lol! xoxo