Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two for 1

I just started a new job and didn't want anything too crazy on my nails for the first day. My first thought was polka dots, which I always consider safe yet fun, but then I wanted something more. I decided to combine two nail arts I have tried before, gradient and polka dots, and I'm so glad I did! The bottom of the gradient may look nude, but its actually a sheer light pink. I think they came out SOOOOOOO cute, but I may just be biased ;) Judge for yourself.

red-Brucci Plum Berry
pink-Essie BetterTogether

ps. is it just me or my thumbnail image not coming up on the feed?


  1. I was so tickled when your mom told me you got the job! I knew you would, you kinda like rock at fashion ya know! I am so in love with your blog design, did you do it yourself? Those nails are uber cute! I think they turned out so trendy and I am loving the different tones and the polka dots, love it! I haven't heard of the one nail polish brand before! Where do you get it? I love me some Essie lol!


  2. This is too cute! I'm your newest follower and am loving the ideas I'm getting to paint my nails. Too bad my hands look like a five year old when I try... Oh well, practice makes perfect!

  3. omg. I love this idea. How exactly did you do it? I haven't had the best luck with gradients :(

  4. This mani is cute! I love it!