Sunday, September 23, 2012


If any of my followers may have noticed, I not only changed my blog header title, but my URL...big mistake! I had NO idea this would affect my blogger feed and followers access to my blog, but it has. After a few hours of Googling, I found how to redirect my old blog URL to my new blog URL. However, it may just be the perfectionist in me, but it drives me CRAZY that it shows my old "nailed it" URL for a split second before going to the new URL. Also, on my blog dashboard I now have two blogs.

Unfortunately, I have not found many Blogger support websites, so if anyone could help me out that would be great. Do I still have to have my old blog? Do I have to still have my old URL in order for my new URL to come up on my followers feed? When I first created it (before I did a redirect link), it would not show up on my feed



  1. I've seen some people change names recently, I'll try to remember who they were and let you know so maybe you can email them directly with questions.... I know how you are feeling when things don't go as planned...frustrating!!!

    1. if you you remember that would be great, thanks! So frustrating!

  2. I love the new name and header though! Very cool:)

  3. you can hide the blog you don't want shown - I think it's under editing your profile!

  4. I'll ask my web designer friend, the one who designed my blog and I know she can help! I am so in love with this Ash! I love the title the roses the splashes of colors the snipet on the sidebar I just love love love love! I am tickled HOT PINK you will be blogging more! xoxo Sums

  5. Hi!

    We both have this email address ( I have the URL for and the email address with gmail. Now I'm getting emails of every comment left on your blog. So weird. How could we both have this email address? Better question, I guess, is how do we fix it? Lol