Sunday, June 10, 2012


The Nail Files
Today I'm linking up with the Nail Files. It is every Friday, but I always forget, so this is a little late :)

I love studs, studs on purses, studs on jeans, studs on jewelry, & now studs on nails! I have been looking to purchase studs & other nail goodies for a while & I finally did it. On the website I purchased them, they come in a variation of sizes & luckily I purchased the perfect size for my nails. I just used a topcoat to adhere them & going over them with a topcoat does not change the shine or color of the studs, which is a huge plus. I have had them on for almost a week now & they haven't budged. I thought the nails needed a little bit more, so I did a zig-zag design on my ring finger & thumb.  It was time consuming, but it actually came out pretty good on my right hand. When I was done, the design reminded me of Charlie Brown!


green-Butter London's British Racing Green
yellow-Brucci Jan's Jazzy Ginger


  1. i really like the studs and your nail color combinations

  2. I am in love!!!! :-) So cute!