Wednesday, January 4, 2012

feather frenzy

First let me start of by saying this design was a lot more difficult that I anticipated. I created it using real feathers from a craft store and it took a lot of playing around to find the right top coat adhesive and color combinations. I had first done my left hand with a dark brown that allowed the feathers to blend in with the nail. However, once I was done I thought I wanted the feathers to pop more, so I used a light pink/white on my right hand. After I was done and compared the two and couldn't decide which I liked better. On my left hand the look more natural and hide the imperfections, but on my right hand the feathers really pop. You be the judge.


Left Hand

base-Essie Very Structured

Right Hand

base-Brucci Princess Di


  1. REAL FEATHERS! Your talented girl lol! I love the left hand best for I love browns! I think that it can be worn all the time and match more stuff lol! However lol I really like the right hand and how it pops and I think those are awesome for a night out with friends on the town etc., soooo I'm not to much help for I love them both but I think I would wear the left hand more lol...I think...good job Ashley!!

  2. ps will you do mine when I come to NY lol...I would love the left hand ones ha!