Friday, August 9, 2013

nail files

Today I'm linking up with the Nail Files!

About three weeks ago I got gels...gasp I know! But they had the most delicious glitter polishes that I had to have on my nails. I left them plain (the light purple/grey with glitter accent) for about a week & then I got bored and painted tribal design on them. I was really impressed with the gels because they lasted 2 weeks without chipping. I decided to take them off when some of the gels started peeling up. I don't think I would get them anytime soon because I switch my nails so much, but they would be great if I was going on vacation or something!


  1. I agree; I change my nails too much to warrant the cost of gels, but I've had them twice and it was great for vacation! Love the grey, and the sparkle, and the tribal details are really pretty!

  2. you'll have to get them for vacation next spring!

  3. Pretty nails! I found your blog through the Well Shut the Front Door! Nail Files link up:) Enjoy your evening!

    Lillies & Silk