Tuesday, May 7, 2013

zee MET gala

I loved looking at fashion from the MET gala. I feel like everyone steps outside of their comfort zone and really takes risks. Some risks turned out to be amazing gowns, others were a flop. Here are some of my favorites and not-so favorites.


Jennifer Lawrence
Can JLaw do any wrong? I think not. The dress is amazing and I love the birdcage head piece.

Taylor Swift
Although Taylor didn't take a huge risk, I have to applaud her for trying something different. I love that she finally pulled her bangs back and steered away from the red lip.

Rooney Mara
The lines of this dress is gorgeous. The plunging neckline shows just the right amount of skin and the lace overlay is very delicate and feminine.

Miranda Kerr
Let's be honest, Miranda could wear a paper bag & look good. The dress compliments her figure perfectly and the red lip provides a pop of color.

Kim Kardashian
I may be biased because I am not Kim K's biggest fan, but the overwhelming pattern on this dress and the gloves just put me over the edge.

Kate Upton
This dress isn't necessarily bad, it just isn't good. It is SO boring and I think it makes Kate look bigger than she really is. It also wouldn't have hurt for her to throw a few diamonds around her neck.

I'm just totally confused by this. Is she not wearing pants...is that allowed?

Elle Fanning
I think Elle should have dressed in something more young and playful. I mean the dress is technically tye dye, but she could have done it in a more age appropriate way.

Okay, so I was reading up on the Met Gala fashion and I saw the below picture...had no idea who it was then read the caption as Zooey Deschanel. Am I the only one confused by this? Is it a body/face double? I do not think this looks like Zooey AT ALL! I thought I was perhaps tricked, but multiple websites list this picture as Zooey

What "Zooey" looked like at the MET gala

The Zooey that I know


  1. Kim K. just doesn't know how to dress has a pregnant woman. Too much going on. I almost didn't recognize Taylor Swift. Funny you said Miranda could wear a paper bag and look good - I have said that about you! :)

  2. I think Taylor Swift looks amazing!!! Love this young, edgy look on her!

    Kim Kardashian's dress actually doesn't bother me, I think it looks rather nice - the gloves however? RUIN it for me!!!!

    Madonna's look is so ... well Madonna ... lol. She is always pushing the envelope. She does need pants, even daisy dukes or black short shorts would suffice lol.

  3. I am not a fan of elle fanning's outfit and makeup! So confusing!!


  4. There were so many misses this year but a few looked amazing! I adore Miranda Kerr! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls