Sunday, March 24, 2013

style sunday

This non-Spring weather is really messing up my style. By the end of the winter, I am all out of ideas of how to look cute & warm & just want to throw on a tank, jeans, & sandals. I personally think that it is MUCH easier to dress when the weather is warmer. None the less, this outfit was from one of the day that it was not completely freezing, so I wore a dress with tights.

1: dress-Forever 21 2: crocheted vest-Target 3: tights-H&M 4: booties-Macy's


  1. I love how feminine and simple this outfit is! I'm especially a fan of that vest! You have a new follower! :)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  2. i like the dress with the vest

  3. Cute outfit! I'm with you on this whole being-done-with-winter thing. It's been here too long, and I am itching for a little bit of spring/summer!!

  4. love the blue! it's sooo pretty!

    stopped by for the link-up.
    have a fabulous weekend! :)