Monday, February 11, 2013

grammy fashion

I thought this year's Grammy's were the best that I've seen. I thought all of the performances were great and they had an eclectic mix of artists. As much as I love watching the performances, let's be honest the pre-show is what it's all about. Nothing like judging a celebrity on wearing an ensemble that costs more than your whole wardrobe. I enjoy seeing the good, bad, and ugly, but this year I thought everyone was just boring. No one seemed to take any real risks. Despite this, I still do have some likes and dislikes.

Kelly Rowland
Although the dress was a little risque, she still looks classy & the silhouette makes her body looks amazing

Chrissy Tiegen (& John Legend)
They are the most underrated best couple. Chrissy's dress showcases her body in all the right places & the high neckline doesn't show off too much skin.

Carrie Underwood
Although this is a very "typical" Carrie look, she still looks absolutely glamourous.

Gawwwwd, where do I even begin. I really don't even have to comment, just look at the picture.

I'm glad she decided to wear a color besides black, however I am not glad that it looks like drapery from 1970.

I don't know this singer's name, but it really doesn't matter considering she should not be allowed to the Grammy's again wearing those pieces of electrical tape.

Haley Cuoco
Cute go out for drinks in. Some people (like me) would love to go to the Grammy's and get dressed up-Haley is clearly taking a more laid back approach.

Guiliana Rancic
I really wanted to like Guiliana's dress, but I don't. The color is not flattering at all and she looks like a mummy. There I said it.

Who was best/worst dressed in your book?


  1. beautiful cut out patterns on the first two dresses
    kw ladies in navy

  2. I love G but it looks like she has no neck.

  3. lmao Giuliana does look like a mummy. I love Adele and appreciated her wearing her color. Hated the shoes but could never put her on worst dressed :) Kelly looked gorgeous!!