Monday, January 14, 2013

Giveaway Winner and Golden Globes

Thanks to everyone entering my was so fun! I used a random number generator & the winner is KW & CP! Congrats! Email me at with your shipping information in the next 48 hours :)

Last night, I watched the best/most important part of the Golden Globes...the red carpet. Can I just say that I want to go to the Golden Globes? Everyone is SO dressed up, it's like an adult prom. I thought for the most part everyone looked great, but like every awards show there are always hits and misses.


Eva Longoria. Do I even really need to explain myself on this one? She rivals Angelina Jolie with the leg

Jessica Alba. The dress fits her like it was made for her and the necklace is to die for! She looked perfect for the occasion
Kate Hudson. When I saw her I gasped out loud. This dress may not be everyone's favorite, but I think I love it so much because it is something I would wear.


Kristen Wiig. Obsessed with her, but come on, every awards show she looks like she basically rolled out of bed. I get that she doesn't want to look like she's trying to hard, but she could like she tried a little

Rosario Dawson. I don't hate the dress, I hate it on her. I do not think it's flattering in any way shape or form

Lucy Lui. What? She's lucky she's gorgeous

Do you agree with my choices? Whose on your list for best/worst dressed?


  1. so thrilled to have won! just emailed you and am excited for the essie products. i love them! also did like lucy liu's dress even though it was weird
    kw Ladies in Navy

  2. I thought Nicole Richie looked terrible. I love Salma Hayek. I want Dad to take us to one of these shows or something like it where we can dress up like this!

  3. I loved Kate Hudson's dress! Hated the dress Lucy Lui wore!

  4. jessica alba was my favorite - so so gorgeous!