Friday, November 30, 2012

the nail files

Today I'm linking up with The Nail Files!

I really really love how these nails come out. Sometimes, the simpler the better. I have been searching for a perfect dark blue-little did I know TJMaxx would carry it by a brand I have never heard of. Once I painted my nails the blue I decided I wanted to do a half moon, but I didn't have the stickers to make them "perfect", so I decided to just free hand it. The glitter polish is more forgiving than regular nailpolish in terms of lines, but I think these came out pretty darn good if I say so myself. I think they are perfect for the holidays!

base-Bariella Berry Blue
glitter-Nailtini Millionaire


  1. I love these and they are perfect for the holidays! I have a similar blue color I love and who would have thought is was from Sally Hansen! I usually like Essie but they didn't have that blue. I bought black with sparkly in it and gold today....I am gonna try to do the girl on fire nails like Katniss since I am in battle mode, your mom is gonna ask you some questions for me lol! If only ya'll lived closer you could do them for me ha!

    Have a great day you rock at fashion and nails girlfrannnnnnnn!

  2. I love this idea - I will be trying it next time!

  3. That turned out beautifully!! I love it!

  4. Whoa! I really love the dark with the gold- that combination always ends up looking really good!

    I would love for you to stop by and say hi!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Very pretty. I heard that sometimes you can find Essie cheaper in TJ Maxx. I haven't been in there forever.

  6. very pretty! you did a great job freehanding!