Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whatever Wednesday

Just some random photos I've taken during the week :)

1: Grilled Cheese W/ Bacon, Soup & a Magazine- the perfect fall combo!
2: Combat boots and knee highs-my go to outfit
3: Leopard belt
4: The cutest dog ever dressed as a ladybug, which makes him EVEN cuter!


  1. I love your style even on your blog! The way you have the photos laid out is uber cute! I never had grilled cheese and bacon, I assume it's yummy if you talked about it lol! Hmmmm do you share the same interest in magazines as me hahahahah! I'm loving the Tom Cruise, yup I noticed. Combat boots look really cute on you, lots of girls can't pull it off, you can! Oh wait for it annnnnnnnd is that Tucker in a Ladybug costume, bwhahahahhahaha I am laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my recliner! He truly is the cutest dog ever and I am sure he loves that you dressed him up like a LADYbug hahahahah being he is a he...tell him it's a Lucky Bug costume hahahhaah that is what Kelcee calls since he is all dressed up we must make a wish! xoxo