Friday, September 7, 2012


Today I'm linking up with the nail files

So I am sure many of you have heard of the dying technique that produces the pattern known as Ikat. It can be seen everywhere nowadays from clothing to handbags to furniture. I personally LOVE the ikat pattern and decided to try some ikat nail art. No two ikat designs seem to be the same, so it was really open to interpretation.

Here are some examples of ikat print:

 Now onto the nail art. Although this design was a little time consuming, it did help that there really is no way to mess it up. Sometimes I have to try a design multiple times before I get it right, but I did all my nails on the first try.

 (Please ignore my fingers, I NEED to stop biting my cuticles)
yellow-Sinful Colors Unicorn
blue-L'oreal Club Prive
black-Kiss Nail Art
white-Kiss Nail Art


  1. I love this idea! I am really liking the ikat trend- and it's really cute on your nails!

    Have a fabulous weekend! I would love for you to stop by sometime and say hello!


  2. Love the IKAT designs! It looks fab on you! Your color combination is beautiful :)

    Stopping by from the Nail Files :)

  3. Those look great...I like the colors you chose!

  4. oh love the design! and the colors make it even better :) Happy Friday!

  5. WOW. that is totally impressive!! love it!

  6. Can you please come do my nails like that?! Those look amazing!

    Found you from the link-up