Friday, September 21, 2012

Change of Pace

Hi Guys!

Two posts in one day, this is a first for me. I have had this blog for a few months now and I'm really happy with it. I'm just starting to get into all the good stuff, like blog design and that is exciting for me. However, as much as I love nail art and posting my designs, I also have other loves too. One of them being fashion. I have decided the besides this blog being all about nail polish, I will also have fashion posts. Some of these posts might be OOTD, my must haves, and my wish lists. I just think having my blog this way will: 1) allow me to post more-I love doing my nails, but there isn't always time and inspiration to do so 2) hopefully open my blog to more readers who aren't interested in nail polish 3) showcase what I already take pictures of on a daily basis-my clothes!

Here it my dilemma, hopefully you (my whole 24 followers) can help me out. Is it completely ridiculous to keep my blog name at Nailed It and put a little blurb below it about being and nail blog sprinkled with fashion? I really like the name and frankly, I just designed it all before I had this light bulb of an idea.



  1. I think you should totally post whatever makes you happy. I have seen people change names and it doesn't sound like it's too big of deal...but I really do like your blog name and your blog header. You do whatever makes you happy:) Good luck!

  2. Ok so I am loving your blog design and I love the header! I like how you put if the color fits wear it, you could either change that part to if the color fits wear it, nails, fashion and a whole lot of Ashley!

    Or something more clever of course or you could put your name and picture on your side bar like mine, your moms a lot of blogs and put on there a snipit of yourself, lover of all things fashion, nail designs, diet coke or vodka lol, ya know what I mean and put it over ther...

    You should keep Nailed It since that is what your blog is titled and just put a blurb underneath...I am excited you are going to be blogging more! How fun!


  3. lol oh wait you already have your pic up that's what I'm talking about and you can add more of your interests in a quirky way there too! Or you could do something like Nailed it...Nail Design, Fashion and a whole lot of Ashley! Or Nailed It My journey pursuing a career in fashion design, nail art and life in NYC! I think a blurb after Nailed it would be great! You'll just have to really brain storm!