Monday, August 13, 2012

Nail Volunteer

It's always so fun when I have a friend willing to volunteer their nails to let me practice. I always try to do things that I probably couldn't do on my own nails. My friend let me do whatever I want & the random funness(is that word?) of her nails totally matches her personality. I used her polishes & I didn't write them down, but most of them were OPI.

Since this is somewhat of a boring post, I'll describe what I did on each nail.

Thumb-white base with a "diamond" done with a black striper brush
Pointer- gradient done with 3 different blues painted right on the nail, opposed to a "sponge gradient" with a glitter topcoat
Middle-lime green base with black & white flowers done with striper brushes
Ring-white base with cheetah done with a bobby pin
Pinky-purple base with stars adhered with topcoat


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