Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review-Circus by Andrea's Choice

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I was so excited to see that I received a nail polish in July's Glam Box. The brand is Circus & it is by Andrea's Choice. I googled her & turns out she a YouTube beauty guru, I guess I'm behind. The color I got is a bright, summer yellow called Somersault. It is actually perfect because I don't have any yellow polishes & I think it's hard to find one that is the right shade. Other colors in the collection include: Reverso, Ringmaster, Spectacle & Tightrope. The colors are available in the Fall. Check out Andrea's Choice  if you want to see more!

Pros: The color is simply perfect. It is true to color in the photos & would compliment any skin tone! The shade is vegan & cruelty free if this is a concern for you. Despite the three coats, the color did dry correctly

Cons: It took three coats to properly cover & even then it is streaky in some spots.

Overall, I do not know if I would buy this polish once it became available for sale. The formula just was not opaque enough for me.


  1. what a cute cute color! I love the sunshine-y yellow! I also love how you scalloped the nails to give it a pop! So creative girl! How was your first day at your new job??


  2. those colors look gorgeous together!

  3. Three coats = whomp, whomp. Haha! Love the pattern, though!

  4. Oh my goodness...you're talented in the nail art department! I like the yellow and gray combo!

  5. That bottle is so pretty, it would be worth it just for that reason! I agree with the above girls, your nail art is stunning! How did you get those shapes to be perfect like that?

  6. P.S. are you on bloglovin? I tried to follow you on there (its the only way I can follow people consistenly and obviously want to follow you)

    1. I've been trying to get on it, but everytime I try to "Claim a Blog" I can never find mine?

  7. Very cute nails! Love the name ;)

  8. I got the same color in my box, I haven't tried it yet but a lot of people are saying its runny and takes a lot of coates :(

  9. Ugh, this polish is really crappy.