Monday, April 30, 2012

matte flowers

I had just recently purchased Borghese Arrivederci Mist and wanted to try it out. It was originally $8, but on sale at Rite Aid for 75% off. In the store it looked like a nude color, but once I put it on it turned out to be a purplish gray-still pretty none the less. My nails have been peeling lately and half of them broke, so I cut them down & decided to just do a basic manicure. On my ring fingers I did little flowers by using a bobby pin. A lot of colors were used on this nail, so I'm not going to go into detail about all of them.


base-Borghese Arrivederci Mist


  1. I have a color similar to that and love it! I thought too it would be a different color and turned out that color but ended up falling in love with it and it goes with so much! I love how you did the flowers on your nail! So pretty girl! You are really getting talented with this! I did my nails in zebra print this morning in the form of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers bwhahahahaha I did Kelcee's too lol! Hey I am going to one of my dear friend's wedding and I have the dresses narrowed on my blog and I have to watch with my puffy right now and I now you are so fashionable and would give me your honest opinion would you tell me which one you think I would look best in? thanks sweets xoxo