Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Sorry my updates are so has been killing me! I would much rather be painting my nails then writing papers. I did my first tribal design a few months ago and I absolutely loved it! It was so easy and came out even better then this one. I love it because it looks so complicated, but it is actually one of the easier manicures I've done. I used bobby pins for the dots and a small paint brush for the lines. I must note that the Revlon Minted is much more vibrant then in these pictures, it looks exactly as the name describes...Mint.


light pink- OPI Tickle My Francey
brown-OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys
green-Revlon Minted


  1. I like this!!! Soon you will be on spring break and you can relax.

  2. I hope you have more time for your nails soon. I know my daughter Brittany would love to paint her nails like this. I have to tell you Ash, I paid big bucks to have Easter bunnies painted on last Easter. The manicurist had NEVER done anything like it. I felt kind of silly, but I truly loved it for Easter. I'm a French manicure girl. I don't have nice hands like you.
    You rock all of these styles and colours.
    OPI should pay you : )
    And P.S. You have the "double" verification button on.... not good for us bloggers. Just thought I'd tell you that blogger does a GREAT job of dealing with the "spam" for us.